Alfredo Melendez, Costco Designations In
Alison Leary, California League of Cities
Amy Rexford, Principal
Andrew Ong, Costco
Anthony McKenzie, Costco
Anthony Mejia, Costco
Antonio Lora, Costco
Arcelia Ortgega, Costco
Asare Mabel, Procter & Gamble
Benjamin Acedo, United Way California Capital Region
Chelsea Nichols, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Clare Margason
Colbrun Mahan, Costco
Creston Whiting-Casey, Legislature – State Assembly
Demont Simmons, FedEx
Deseree Lovato, Costco
Emily Ireland Cox, United Way California Capital Region
Emily Mobley, Costco
Eric Grabin, Leadership Council, SAFE Credit Union
Erin Manning, United Way California Capital Region
Eva Luong, Costco
Francisco Flores, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Gabriel Perez, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Gema Quinn, Comerica
Heather Williams, Department of Education
InJo McGraw, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Isabella Lopez Gonzalez, Costco
Jeanette Belerril, Procter & Gamble
Jerry Mix, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Jessica Crowley, FedEx
John Lowe, United Way California Capital Region
John Monaco, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
John Onstot, FedEx
Katherine Happy, Comerica
Katie DeMaio
Kayla Hendershot, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Keith Glen, Gilbert CPAs
Keith Ketcher, Deloitte
Kelley Palatinus, United Way California Capital Region
Kenneth Greig, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Kristine Pietrelli, WSR Insurance
Kyle Gohagan, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Laura Rincon, Bain & Company
LaVon Garcia, Farmers & Merchants Bank
Leo Kelly, Bayer
Lori Hanley, United Way California Capital Region
Maggie Maben, Costco
McQuinn Travis, Procter & Gamble
Michael Webb, City of Davis
Natalie Mahnke, Costco
Nathan Guinn, FedEx
Nicholas Lins
Pedro Brotons, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Rachelle Pirkey, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Ramon Marquez, Costco
Ray Stone, FedEx
Raymond Newbaker, Costco
Richard Newens
Sean McEwan, Costco
Shane Jones, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Shawna Weaver, Leadership Council, Bender
Shelby Miller, Leadership Council, The Hartford Insurance Group
Stephanie Montano, Costco
Stephen McLaughlin
Stephen Ortega, FedEx
Teresa Travis, Procter & Gamble
Tyler Andree, Procter & Gamble
Wes Massey, Costco
William Macklin, Costco


In addition to our YLS members, we are supported by additional annual donations from 100+ employees at local companies participating in United Way workplace giving campaigns.



Department of Rehabilitation

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Farmers & Merchants Bank

Federated Insurance Foundation


FedEx Designations In

Gilbert CPAs

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

NAPA Auto Parts

Our Promise


Rockwell Sales

Sacramento Children’s Home

Sacramento City Unified School District

WSR Insurance


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