“We couldn’t do what we do without you” 

“Volunteers are the backbone of our organization”

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time they have the heart” 

“One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time”

Doesn’t it seem like everything people say about volunteers and the time they give at local nonprofits is so cliche…. but when you really think about it it’s also true. 

Without volunteers who donate their time and passion to the causes they care about nonprofits like us at the United Way would be sunk. Imagine having to pay staff to tutor every kid, to clean up each park, and to help prepare food at local food banks. It’s impossible. This is why every April we take the time to celebrate volunteers and the act of volunteering with National Volunteer Month!

National Volunteer Month is dedicated to recognizing and honoring all the generous contributions volunteers make to worthy causes. Millions of nonprofits and charitable organizations like us rely on these volunteers who selflessly donate their time and talents.

Now it’s time to say thank you to all the volunteers who make a positive impact throughout the year. It’s also a time to encourage volunteerism to those who are able to help make a difference.

How YLS is Celebrating National Volunteer Month?

Since we couldn’t celebrate National Volunteer Month in 2020 due to COVID we are very excited to announce an opportunity for all YLS members and friends to join us on April 24th at St. Johns Program for Real Change. We will be on their campus from 9am-12pm doing a variety of projects from painting, preparing lunch and organizing donations. There is something for everyone! Email to sign up today!


At Saint John’s Program for Real Change, it’s their mission to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness, one family at a time. They provide families with the education, supportive services, and employment training needed so they can become productive members of our local community for generations to come.

“Saint John’s is for the woman who wants to make the leap. Who will fight the pervasive influence of homelessness, poverty, and abuse. Who will make an empowered decision to rise up and become a productive community member. Who understands, unequivocally, that the decision to create a better life – for herself and for her family – rests entirely on her.”

They currently are serving 270 women with a wait list of 250 women. Our help is needed now!

Big thank you to our entire Young Leaders Society who pride themselves on the volunteer work we do in the community. Your dedication really is making a difference! 

Look forward to seeing you on April 24th!

Katie DeMaio

Action Group Manager, United Way CCR

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