YLS Remix 2020 Speaker Series Event

Save the Dates: Oct 6 – Oct 27 – Nov 17

The challenges of 2020 have tested our community’s creativity and resilience. As we work remotely or differently in light of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important that young professionals continue to build professional and leadership skills while also taking time to support their personal well-being and health of communities.

Join us for this virtual professional development series as we REMIX the rest of 2020!

We’re featuring young experts to explore topics like:

  • Virtual leadership
  • Professional development
  • Mental health
  • Physical well-being
  • Supporting the local community

Register for ANY/ALL sessions here.

October 6 – Self-care

Celeste Sekigahama of the Yoga Seed will provide insight on prioritizing self-care to achieve work-life balance during COVID in her presentation.

Admission is free for this virtual session for those who register.

October 27 – Community Leadership

Nihal Satyadev, MPH, founder of The Youth Movement Against Alzeihemers will share his story and offer tips on amping up your role in the community and how to take on more leadership.

Admission is free for this virtual session for those who register.

November 17 – Professional Development

Isaac Serwanga, TEDx-featured speaker, best-selling author, and founder of Inform & Inspire will provide a powerful presentation that will leave you feeling energized, empowered, and will cover best practices for:

  • Establishing a healthy professional network online
  • How to leverage your personal brand to establish more quality, deeper connections
  • Keeping yourself motivated and inspired to take action

Admission for this virtual session: $15 general $10 members

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Self-Care in 2020

Stress is so prevalent in our culture that in the early 2000s the term “toxic stress” was coined by a Harvard pediatrician to acknowledge the damaging effects of long term, excessive stress. In fact, despite our country’s wealth we fare poorly, compared to European and Scandinavian countries, in terms of social equality which is a huge factor in national levels of toxic stress.



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